La luna nublada

I was asked to share, at a meeting, what my experience in Philadelphia was like. So I wrote these jumbled words. Enjoy. ============================================================= The moment that sticks with me Is the moment, under the clouded moon, where they wouldn’t let me in to the gated-off city center, so instead I stood, shivering/ stranded/ crestfallen in... Continue Reading →

Soooo, what’ve we been up to in here??

Why, helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little neglected corner of the internet! Want to know what's been hip-hop-happening for me? Well...SURE. I can fill you in. I can tell you about my life. Please, please, pull up a virtual-chair. -1- I'm planning a trip to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this fall. WOO HOOOOOO. Planning these things... Continue Reading →

March for Life 2015

You know what I'm not here to do? -Play rhetoric games -Start fights -Engage in meaningless internet "discussions" where no one changes their mind and no one feels good at the end anyway. But, I know some people in Washington D.C. today, and I've been there myself many times. Today, this post is for my... Continue Reading →

Forever grateful for holy priests

“Can you just remind me about Jesus?” I asked him. I asked because I know he knows Jesus. I know he’s talked to him, heard his words, dropped things and followed. I know he’s deeply familiar with the everlasting love. I know he radiates hope and joy and light, which means he’s given himself away... Continue Reading →

Realities > ideas

Last Advent I went on a small "retreat" where there were poems and reflections I read every day, and then I'd chat with a religious sister on the phone every evening. I think the point was to be like, "Hmmm, I could be a religious sister if I wanted!" but, that isn't exactly a path... Continue Reading →

Seven lovin’ quick takes

It's Friday. I'll make it snappy. You haven't got all day. Allow me to pass along some things I've been loving. Loving so much, in fact, that I took some pictures. --- 1 --- I know, I know, cliche and hipster. But, this papyrus and that late-afternoon summer sun just spoke to my heart. People... Continue Reading →


I must share it, I must. I found this picture today. AND THEN A FOUR-YEAR-OLD (or three...the internet reports different ages) MALTESE BOY PRESENTED THE POPE WITH A PLASTIC DINOSAUR. Let the awesome sink in. Apparently the boy's grandfather is the president of Malta, and the boy had been talking about visiting the Pope and... Continue Reading →

Three things on (Fat) Tuesday

Let's see if I can get this done in SEVEN MINUTES! I'll RACE THE CLOCK! -1- First of all: today is Fat Tuesday everywhere and Paczki Day in Detroit. Paczki are jelly-filled doughnuts special to the Polish tradition: let's use up the fat, lard and sugar before the fasts of Lent start! As I'm GF,... Continue Reading →

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