Small winter poem 14 | Fleeting

I have this one friend, A close friend, One of the people I treasure the absolute, absolute most. This morning, bright and early, I saw that he had texted me. (This is not uncommon, and, Often being in different time zones means we Often miss the other's texts). The text this time, though, took a... Continue Reading →

Small Winter Poem 9 | Bravery

What color, Do you think, Is the color of courage? Maybe it's just the bright yellow Of the sun Peeking through a dungeon of grey When all the world is winter. Maybe it is the delicate white Of the tiny flowers Who push through the concrete Insisting on blooming in my crazy city. Little, small...but... Continue Reading →

Small winter poem 7 | Snail mail

There is a raw magical wonder to Mailboxes Snail mail Postal delivery in general. For instance, one can buy a specialty sticker for the post, Adhere it to a square of paper, And that sticker means that the paper can be delivered ANYWHERE! (Just about). (There needs to be an appropriate address). What wonder. What... Continue Reading →

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