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Three things on (Fat) Tuesday

Let’s see if I can get this done in SEVEN MINUTES! I’ll RACE THE CLOCK!


First of all: today is Fat Tuesday everywhere and Paczki Day in Detroit. Paczki are jelly-filled doughnuts special to the Polish tradition: let’s use up the fat, lard and sugar before the fasts of Lent start!

As I’m GF, I haven’t partaken for a while. Actually, upon reflection, I first gave up gluten for Lent in 2012. This marks my second anniversary, guys. Wow.

I guess the second anniversary is Paczki. 🙂 A kind soul concerned for my apparent lack-of-party dropped off some calorie-laden goodness while I was away at work.

Don’t worry: I shared with a hungry Paul I found roaming the wilderness.


SECONDLY, I went to pray today. Over New Year’s Father Pio Maria hooked me up with the printed Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, titled “Evangelii Gaudium.” So, it’s pretty long and I’m only on paragraph TWENTY-FOUR since I take it a paragraph at a time, underlining and drawing hearts in the margin and then rereading, rereading, rereading. But this was so good I had to share, friends:

Evangelization consists mostly of patience and disregard for constraints of time.

Is that not the most beautiful thing?

Today I was walking through a hallway and a way-busy man, well-regarded in the community, stopped and chatted and acted like I had important things to say (I don’t) and shared a hug even though he was clearly on his way to an important appointment.

“Disregard for constraints of time.”

Let’s underline that and think about it as we enter the Lenten season, OK?


Lastly, this picture….


“Mushroom Man” by my super cool youngest cousin, le artist. Is this not the happiest picture? I adore his tooth. And his pose. And the flowers and the butterfly.

I basically love it all, it makes me smile every time I see it, and I thought I’d share the goodness with the world. 🙂


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