I know this one dude, and sometimes we talk about stuff. Even though he hates hugs or handshakes, he's the type Who sits super close when talking, Presences brushing as he shares/ questions/ converses. Sometimes we talk about spiritual stuff, this dude and I, Because he knows it's important to me, and he has an... Continue Reading →

Sorry for party rocking

First of all, important information: mommy blogger GRACE PATTON is expecting more happiness come June and that takes the total count of baby Pattons to FIVE and it's important to note that this is the exact number of children in my family, therefore, find me more exciting news. You cannot. That was an exercise in... Continue Reading →

Poetry prompt: COMPLETED

So. I had ten words to include in a poem. Ta da. Background: I read a thought-provoking article last week about a man forced, at a very young age, to face the mental breakdown/ illness of his young and beautiful wife. That prompted a conversation with my SIL (and we've had similar ones before) about... Continue Reading →

New game: Poetry prompt!

Do you want to play a game?? This is a game for stretching your mind and creating art and stuff. A friend and I made this up last weekend, but you can play, too, if you want. This is how you play. You text 10 people (starting with “N” on your contact list), and you... Continue Reading →

March for Life 2015

You know what I'm not here to do? -Play rhetoric games -Start fights -Engage in meaningless internet "discussions" where no one changes their mind and no one feels good at the end anyway. But, I know some people in Washington D.C. today, and I've been there myself many times. Today, this post is for my... Continue Reading →


I wore this: But, I mean, is that all that exciting? Maybe not. Instead I'll tell ya: I drove mi padre to the North American International Auto Show today. (BACK SEAT DRIVER. GET OUT MAH CAR. At one point I was like, "Tell me how to do one more thing, and I will tell you... Continue Reading →

Sew, what’s new?

Today I went out at lunch for a work-errand, forgot the $$ they gave me for said-errand, drove my car to park and fetch said $$, but all the spots were taken, so then I went back to my old spot...and that one was taken, too!! So then I was like, "Enough of this. I'm... Continue Reading →

Fake it ’til you make it

Legit, someone texted this to my phone yesterday: "Nell, how are you fairing this winter thus far?" And the answer is: it's tough and I'm cold and the city seems overcast and covered in a film of salt--so everything kind of looks grey for a lot of the time. And, while I enjoy wearing grey... Continue Reading →

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