I wore it, but it’s not Wednesday

The road to heck is paved with good intentions. The road to Hell, Michigan, is paved with asphalt, probably. Anyway! My good intentions were to post TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY with NO STOPS FOR THIS LOCOMOTIVE but then the good-intentions train was derailed last night when I hung out with one of those supah cool... Continue Reading →

Prodigal Father

What if every morning, in that moment when you’re first aware of yourself and life and breath once more, that very moment is the same moment when God’s heart leaps and He thinks to Himself, with arms outstretched, “Maybe this is the day! Maybe today will be the day she comes back! And I will... Continue Reading →

Where have we BEEN??

Well, it was a lovely holiday weekend, wasn't it? And I don't have a lot of time to catch us up because there's a little guinea pig making happy noises in the crook of my elbow, and that love is distracting me because: cuddles. But, I don't want to neglect you, either. So while the... Continue Reading →

Things Christine said today

Ya'll remember my sister, Christine. She's pretty dang hilarious in her ultra-blunt way. While riding our bikes, and I was going a tad bit faster then she wanted: Christine: "Remind me again--is this some kind of a race? I thought not. Soooo, we can go slower, then." Observing the glorious beauty that is a summer... Continue Reading →

Sunday with the church triumphant

This weekend was kind of just me hanging out and catching up on a million chores. Oh, and taking care of the guinea pigs... Guinea pig update: Kiwi is happy that there's another guinea pig because it means less attention for her...she can do little doses of affection, but not the amount we lavished upon... Continue Reading →

Dos poemas

Occasionally I write weirdo non-rhyming poetry, and sometimes I even share it here. This is one of those days. (Guinea pigs for anyone who can't take it). =============================================================================================== Uno Dropping a balloon Sometimes there are two sides. And on one we have everyone and They're saying, "smaller, smaller, smaller." Because unknowns should apparently Be handled... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

I wore cute shoes too, I promise, the ones with the bows on the toes like Snow White. But, this was after a lunch time excursion, so no heels at the moment for me. Oh would ya look at that: I'm wearing the exact same skirt I wore last time I posted something like this.... Continue Reading →


HI HI HI HIHIHI!! Sorry for neglecting the blahg for a few days. I was busy...making a PLAY IN A DAY! Wanna see approx. nine photos? Of course you do! (Or, if you don't, you can just open a new tab and browse more internet, assuredly!) And I'll share my feelings at each moment, too.... Continue Reading →


I must share it, I must. I found this picture today. AND THEN A FOUR-YEAR-OLD (or three...the internet reports different ages) MALTESE BOY PRESENTED THE POPE WITH A PLASTIC DINOSAUR. Let the awesome sink in. Apparently the boy's grandfather is the president of Malta, and the boy had been talking about visiting the Pope and... Continue Reading →

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