7. The saints of travel

The morning commute was rough today--snow during the drive-time meant delays for miles and miles--and there I was, in the midst of it. In my mind, I tried to construct haikus, two of them, for St. Christopher and St. Anthony, as I've been looking for flights for weeks and weeks now, waiting for prices to... Continue Reading →

6. What you are

I have a spiritual director; we meet once a month. He asks me about my prayer life, and what parts of the Bible are striking my heart. Every month, he always asks me if there is a scripture passage that I would like to use for meditation. Sometimes I pick one that comes readily to... Continue Reading →

4. Born for this

I went to a gathering today Ran into a woman I've known for a while We've never been close, But I always enjoy her company, So I sat next to her at the table. At the break another woman asked me-- If I have been praying for a husband or for a good convent? Maybe... Continue Reading →

2. The holy (broken) family

Maybe St. Joseph Was just as broken as My father. We paint a rosy picture-- Joseph cradles a sleeping Mary Joseph covers the baby Jesus Joseph works in his shop And the doves gather As the lilies bloom. But maybe We're wrong. And our heart-cries For perfection have forgotten: Joseph was not announced by an... Continue Reading →

Living, dying, and both well

A few weeks ago, I met some old-but-far-flung friends halfway between their distant homes and mine. My friends, Lauren and Mica, are sisters; we've been friends since grade school for real, though. We drove out after work, exchanged happy greetings and unloaded at the farmhouse where we would be staying the night. And then, we... Continue Reading →

What about when you have to wait?

On Sunday, after church and church-y things, I sat around with my brothers and the young, tall priest at my parents’ church and he was like, “Do you guys just want to jam?” because that’s how he talks. So, they began playing. They tried to stick to songs that the small crowd mingling about would... Continue Reading →

“On Tuesday…”

For reasons of shared-pastor, our priest doesn’t celebrate mass at my small-church on Tuesdays. Usually a substitute priest will celebrate instead, or a deacon, or this one guy who is in the diaconate program. If all else fails, though, I’m asked to cover in a communion service featuring the day’s readings, the already-consecrated Eucharist, and... Continue Reading →

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