On flowers and summer and Detroit

I wish the frigid, promised kiss of winter didn't accompany the sun of these late-summer days Because then I could just open my arms unconditionally to the golden, warm haze of these too-short afternoons. Today I got off of work, carrying a basket of supplies to my far-parked car. I smiled at the blue sky,... Continue Reading →

My garden/ my life.

My garden had a weird summer. I feel like this is code for: I had a weird summer. So, that's where this post is going. Now you have been notified. So: back to my garden. I feel like a lot of elements were working against my garden. For one, many of my perennials never even... Continue Reading →

Prepping to see da Pope

Every day on my day planner from here through September's end has a check-box on it with things I need to work on for the Philadelphia trip. Ay yi. Yesterday's check-box was "design t-shirt." Check. My sister thought of the design, but the internet and the Christmas-Sharpie from my brother and my own hands made... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesdayyyy

It occurs to me that mostly everything I'm wearing today comes with a story attached. And, while life has a timeline, I don't know the timeline to everything here, today. But, I'm wearing a dress I bought in Spain two summers ago. I had just finished walking the Camino de Santiago, and I saved a... Continue Reading →

This weekend

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and it was a lovely blend of lovely things. Photographic proof? My pleasure. Only two pictures, though. Because sometimes I elect not to photo-document and instead just live.

Your wellness is worth it

I have a few friends who are coming to the realization that, hey, maybe the foods they've been eating for years (looking at you, gluten) might be harming their bodies instead of helping them; tearing their bodies apart instead of nourishing them; leading their bodies to lonely places like late-nite drugstore aisles and toilets-at-parties* instead... Continue Reading →

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