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March for Life 2015

You know what I’m not here to do?

-Play rhetoric games
-Start fights
-Engage in meaningless internet “discussions” where no one changes their mind and no one feels good at the end anyway.

But, I know some people in Washington D.C. today, and I’ve been there myself many times.

Today, this post is for my brothers and sisters who I’ll never have the honor, the privilege of meeting. This is for the women and men who grieve because of the decisions they make–haunted by the memories triggered by the sound of suction or a baby crying.

I think most people, liberal or conservative, when we really get down to the heart of the matter, would agree to this: women deserve better than abortion. They deserve a society where, if and when they end up unexpectedly pregnant, the society says to them, “Sister, you don’t have to be afraid. What is it you really need? Here, let me care for you. Allow us to love you. Lives, to us, are sacred. We value your baby, we value you. It may be hard, but we can face this together.”

I join the other faithful in our Archdiocese, our state, our nation, and pray for this:
-the men and women marching for justice
-the voiceless, helpless children who rely on our courageous care
-healing for the men and women impacted by abortion
-loving options for those caught in confusion
-compassion, mercy, healing and justice in our land.

God be with us.

St. Gianna Molla, pray for us.

Roe v Wade


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