23. Dreams are free

This one is best read aloud. (And, even better, to someone you love). Dreams are free, my dear child, Dreams are free, free, free, Like the stars in the sky 'Neath the tall pine trees Like the wash of the pebbles On the floor of a stream, Like the whisper of mosses, Like a feather's... Continue Reading →

22. Old dreams

When we are children, we are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and the question is laden with so many unknowns--the unknown of what we want, the unknown of what being a grown-up is even like, the unknown of where life will take us. And so, we try on any... Continue Reading →

19. A game of chase

My friend's dog once caught a squirrel, after years of chasing them. The basset hound, Millie, with the squirrel under her paw...suddenly didn't know what to do. She looked up, droopy-eyed, to her owner. "Let it go, Millie," he instructed. She obediently lifted her paw, and the critter frantically scampered to tree-high safety. The hound,... Continue Reading →

18. Internal symphonies

Every human person contains within them the art and depth, secrecy and mastery of a symphony. Every person acts/ speaks/ decides due to the measured unity of the systems playing together the music of existence and interaction. One section (in my mind, this is the percussion section) of the personal-symphony is the balance (or imbalance,... Continue Reading →

17. Beautiful desert

She told me she watched a special on the desert, Right as Lent started, a group-led activity About barrenness and discomfort. But, she said, she was not struck with dismay or deficit, Rather, She was mesmorized by the beauty of the landscape, The delicacy of the ecosystem, The intricacy of the creation. It changes the... Continue Reading →

16. The Lenten desert

I enter Lent cautiously, tentatively. I want to be bravely holy and ambitious, but, I also know that 40 winter days stretch long into the future. "Lent is supposed to be like a desert," the priest said, at Ash Wednesday mass--where we're stripped of comfort and utterly reliant on God. I have traveled before. I... Continue Reading →

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