It was my cousin’s birthday

Yesterday. A birthday. This is for my cousin, Hanna, who turned older yesterday. I think that we actually turn older every day, while maintaining the memory of before. But, still, it is good to remember days-of-birth, so I texted some electronic flowers. We went camping this year, in the summer, hiked the best hikes, had... Continue Reading →

I went to Chicago and stuff

Remember how I was going to be recreating and stuff? I did. I went to IL and Chicago and saw friends and fam. Want to see about ten pictures with limited amounts of text? Why, your wish is my command! We got too late to the grocery store, though. So we relied on our reserves... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic | Dos

"May your days, may your days, may your days be merry and briiii-ay-ay-aight..." Want to know other magical things about Christmas? I WILL TELL YOU. Friends. They come back into town, they want to make plans and hang out. Or they're still in town, but you don't see them too much anymore, and they want... Continue Reading →

Position open: Cousin

Sunday was beautiful, so I decided to go for a hike. I was like, "Maybe I can ask a friend, and they'll want to hike with me." But, Julia is in grad school. And Hanna is now moved away. So instead I hiked alone, and I thought about that miserable time Hanna and I walked... Continue Reading →

Realities > ideas

Last Advent I went on a small "retreat" where there were poems and reflections I read every day, and then I'd chat with a religious sister on the phone every evening. I think the point was to be like, "Hmmm, I could be a religious sister if I wanted!" but, that isn't exactly a path... Continue Reading →

Labor Day SHE-nan-ee-gans.

On Thursday I was like, "Huh. The weekend is open, and a holiday weekend, no less. I should find something to do" and "I've wanted to walk this 35-mile trail since I heard about it last summer." So, I told my cousin, and she was on board for a Sunday-through-Monday hike. She did perform a... Continue Reading →

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