Forever grateful for holy priests

“Can you just remind me about Jesus?” I asked him. I asked because I know he knows Jesus. I know he’s talked to him, heard his words, dropped things and followed. I know he’s deeply familiar with the everlasting love. I know he radiates hope and joy and light, which means he’s given himself away... Continue Reading →

The 30 year sacrifice

This past weekend we drove up, up, up into the northern reaches of the state—my sister, two of my brothers, and I. We were going for some church-y opportunities, but also some marshmallow opportunities and some campfire-songs opportunities. What I’m saying is: it was technically for a religious retreat, but with hearty emphasis on free... Continue Reading →

September 22

Today was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. We had a professional photographer come out for some shots of the family. After that: food and drinks and dessert for all! It's been a full day/ weekend/ evening. So, instead of a lot of words, here's a pic of the cuddliest fuzz being snugly: Maybe we'll just... Continue Reading →

Lets chat five thangs

Let's chat and catch up on thangs! --- 1 --- My sister-in-law is over. She's making curtains and we're catching up. It's glorious. So: I'm a little distracted. --- 2 --- I was textin' about the stuffs with my sister earlier in the week, about life and decisions and what not. About: "Is this a... Continue Reading →

For all my ladiez

I don't always post art on the internets. Because I'm not as brave as other artists. So, when I do, it's because I'm being for real. This one first: Once it was someone's birthday. And he had remembered my birthday and he teased me for not remembering his, so I told him I'd take him... Continue Reading →

Dogged insistence on beauty

It started out with this flower. This yellow one right here, growing out of some broken concrete, saturated against the sky. And I was like, I appreciate this flower's dogged insistence on introducing beauty to a broken world. Today I didn't want to be inside for lunch, cramped around my space heater, so I went... Continue Reading →

Autumn querulousness

When I was leetle, my mom read us the story of Wind in the Willows--the Mole who left during spring cleaning and the Toad who was enraptured with motor-cars and the baby Otter who was lost one day. As with many things, sometimes those memories come back at funny times. My siblings and I will... Continue Reading →

Grandparents and faith

Last Sunday was Grandparent's day, which, let's be real, is probably a Hallmark holiday. But, I'm Catholic and it doesn't take much of an excuse to get me to celebrate, so that's just that. My father had a set of parents. His mother died when I was young, so young that memories of the news... Continue Reading →

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