What WE Wore Wednesday

A few months ago as the summer was leaning into fall my coworker, Jessica, and I walked back from the park where we ate our lunch. The sun was on our faces and in our steps as we decided to wear cyan the next Friday. Only Jessica forgot and I was the one who ended... Continue Reading →

A Hopeful Tuesday

On Sunday my childhood parish (Catholic-speak for "church") closed. For good. Some of my family went to the closing mass. I didn't. I had attended a different parish that morning, but I drove by hoping to catch the end of the mass. Entering the church triggered a flood of memories. I meant to walk towards... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

I have a sister who is my biggest advocate against ever appearing on the show "Hoarders." I'm not saying I would be on the show if I didn't know her, I'm just saying she's the one who offers the vocal "DO IT" when I say, "I think I want to get rid of this" and... Continue Reading →

An update on the “Frankendress”

So, usually I write about faith and stuff, right? Yes. Well, this is CONSUMING all of my energy and attention right now. Therefore I invite you to share with me that which has eaten my life. I promise we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon. I originally said this dress would be called... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

By a show of hands, how many of you have ever gone shopping and ended up buying something completely different from what you had originally intended to buy? *Raises hand* Good. I'm glad we've had this talk. So, last summer I was acting/ directing/ choreographing/ costuming a really cool play with an incredibly awesome, inspiring,... Continue Reading →

Lauren believes in me

Yesterday I wrote this on my friend Lauren's Facebook wall: Everything written above is true: thought, encouragement, purchase. Done. Facts: I want to make a dress. I have green and black crepe. I need to sew like a maniac if I plan on being successful. I don't mind deadlines, honestly. Plus: Lauren believes in me.... Continue Reading →

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