For Mothers

I was posting flyers through my local neighborhood when I found a couple of Mother’s Day cards in a local store. It was a small shop, hipster-run, and the cards were locally made, and I realized that this fit most of my qualifications for a good purchase, so I bought a card and sent it... Continue Reading →

Pictured Rocks. The highlight reel

This girl gave me a booklet for Christmas that she made with all kinds of drawings of the adventures we have had. And it was titled, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" And inside were two tickets for a kayaking excursion in Michigan's Upper Peninsula's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. She knows me well. And... Continue Reading →

*Cliche saying about family/ memories*

It was my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. We had ice cream and deep dish pizza (her favorite). This past Mother's Day, she remarked as we drove to church, that her mother (my grandmother, Cecelia or, as I knew her, "Grandma D") would sometimes remember the day my mother was released from the hospital.... Continue Reading →

My SIL says

"Lean into the Holy Spirit," she says, over coffee, My sister-in-law of the flawless style. She's the kind of woman who says things and you want to listen-- Because of what? Compassion? Wisdom? A will to hard-love, if necessary? Yes, yes to these and more. Because she buys me gluten-free baked goods sometimes, too. "What... Continue Reading →

Sides of Love

When I pulled into the driveway yesterday, I noticed that someone had taped a large, long sign Over the picture window in our living room. The sign was in three colors, Congratulating my youngest brother For completing his first day of new training. I greeted him when he came home, tired but happy. He smiled... Continue Reading →

A mad jumble of life

On Monday I held a baby and her mom said, "If you sing a song, she'll sing, too," even though the baby is too young for words (or even, probably, coherent thought). So I sang a song from Broadway's "Peter Pan," and the mom said, "I think you need to sing a song she knows,... Continue Reading →

On teapots

It struck me last night, as I washed all the dishes, how needlessly wonderful it is that teapots exist. I mean, they have a purpose, sure. They're supposed to hold hot water as the tea leaves steep and stain the liquid for us. But, when I was a kid, my mom would sometimes brew tea... Continue Reading →

For Father’s Day. (Belated).

Happy Father's Day. Father's day is a reflection on, well, fatherhood, isn't it? And some just really lucked out. And, congrats. Congrats and Happy Father's Day and Hallmark cards and photo slide-shows and BBQ's and all, to the kids with great dads, great memories, great throwback pics. And love to those dads who were always... Continue Reading →

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