The lavish hand that made us

Earlier this week, when I was sitting in my office, I remembered this quote, from a different blog I once read, and then I looked back, back, back in time, to see if I could find it again. Here 'tis. [The] dinner party is a true proclamation of the abundance of being--a rebuke to the... Continue Reading →


Today was a December day, but warmer than it has been, and the snow melted a bit all day long. I had to fill up my tank at lunchtime, and I looked over at the city, shrouded in fog and I thought, “Man, today is looking good.” So I took that picture. The days are... Continue Reading →

The best laid Advent plans

So well laid. Such Advent plans. Early, early morning gym. Early morning mass. Get holy and stuff. And then, day one of Advent-week, Monday itself...I came down with a violent stomach flu for a couple days. Today was the first time back at work. Le sigh. I'm working on a new linocut for Christmas. I... Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Detroit

Been working on some art, fam. Well, this one is some older art, from the summer vacation I took with my cousin, Hanna, on the western side of the state in the dunes and trees and water and beauty of Lake Michigan. Bam: Te gusta? I call her, "Our Lady of Detroit," made originally for... Continue Reading →

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