This is not how you maintain a blog

Right now I'm trying to prep for Thanksgiving with my family while also recooparating from a weekend away sooooooooo all of my thoughts are disjointed at the moment. So, that's what I'm sharing. Judge hard. BEGIN! >>The Divine Praises. Should they be used as a part of the family gathering prayer on Thanksgiving? Cons: people... Continue Reading →

Things that are beautiful.

I had a phenomenal literature teacher in high school, the kind whose words stick with me, daily popping into my thought-pattern. This is grace. He was a pastor in Detroit, “pastor” but not “priest,” FYI; but sometimes he would remind me, (sometimes), that his oldest sister was a nun, and one of his earliest memories... Continue Reading →


But, this morning, today, I'd ask that you refresh your mindset Remind yourself of this: That Jesus Christ wills for your good, Your well-being, He desires a beloved wholeness for you, His friend. Otherwise it's too easy For your mind To be sucked into different places Where you face the future with Fear and apprehension,... Continue Reading →

My opinion

I wrote this on Friday, but I didn't publish until now, and don't ask me why. Probably because I was going to parties instead. Or something. My hands are still itchy, though, if it makes it more realistic. Enjoy the word-vom, please. -============================================================================================ My hands are super itchy at the moment. I think that this... Continue Reading →

What I Wore on the Wednesday

I had a friend email me these words: "Talk to me about your sense of self." ...because this is the kind of people I know (and don't think I'm not aware of their goodness/ thankful for them--I'm aware. And thankful). So then I just talked about how I'm trying to find balance in the midst... Continue Reading →

These daily moments

On Friday my youngest brother turned older because it was his birthday. In my family, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to pick what you have for dinner when it’s your birthday, and Josh has picked Kentucky Fried Chicken every year for the past many (to my mother’s chagrin), so that was what happened on... Continue Reading →

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