Halloooooo!! I'm preparing for a retreat tomorrow and Saturday. So, I'm probably not going to say too many things because I'm at that point of, like, "What am I doing?? Was this even a good idea????" aaaaaand you don't need that kind of drama, mama. But, I'm excited. The people attending are great. The speakers... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, at dinner I was like, "I'm going to do laundry tonight," and Paulie said, "I will help you." So, later, I went downstairs and I was like, "Paul, now it is time to do laundry." And he was like, "NO!" And I said, "Yes! It is! Come down here!" Then I started sorting all... Continue Reading →

Marks in all shades

I’ve been reading a few things online about those multiple shades of grey (but not many things, because as a child I learned about “be careful, little eyes, what you see,” and, even though I wasn’t aware of the internet then, I’m aware of it now, and the truth of the phrase still remains.) I... Continue Reading →

Ash Wednesday musings

It’s Ash Wednesay, almost 10 a.m., and I want to eat something. But, I also don’t want to eat something, because I turned fourteen a few years ago now, and today is one of the days where we’re supposed to fast, and I believe fasting to be a good thing, so instead I drum my... Continue Reading →

I’m still alive, don’t worry

And suddenly: it was Monday! My goal is always to get out at least three posts per week. But, sometimes things just fall apart, apparently. What’s been hopping? Well, for one, the offices where I work are moving to new offices, which means moving has been happening on the work-front. Is that exciting enough to... Continue Reading →

“On Tuesday…”

For reasons of shared-pastor, our priest doesn’t celebrate mass at my small-church on Tuesdays. Usually a substitute priest will celebrate instead, or a deacon, or this one guy who is in the diaconate program. If all else fails, though, I’m asked to cover in a communion service featuring the day’s readings, the already-consecrated Eucharist, and... Continue Reading →

So, I got in a car accident

Between Saturday and Sunday night it was supposed to snow a bunch, but when I woke up on Sunday there wasn’t really a whole lot of snow on the ground. Now, I’m planning a pretty cool retreat a few weeks from now at Ste. Anne’s in Detroit, and I kind of wanted to head that... Continue Reading →

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