What Christmas looked like

I love this. I love every bit. And, of course, the most important part looked like this: But, of course, I forgot to take pictures of mass so instead you just have pictures of my beautiful family. Here we go. ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** If you are David or Esther or someone who likes to SPOIL SURPRISES,... Continue Reading →

For unto us

I went to mass today, a windy walk away since my little church down the street is closed for the day. I sat in the glorious old building, feet propped on the kneelers (which is probably poor form, but, God and I are pretty tight so sometimes things happen). My eyes wandered to the poinsettias... Continue Reading →

Kiwi Learns a Lesson

"Kiwi is getting too ungrateful. We should send her on a mission trip to a third-world country so she can see how other people treat their guinea pigs. And then maybe she'd realize how good she has it."My brother, Josh, on our guinea pig's attitude.I'm pretty sure that, in third-world countries, people eat guinea pig.

Celebrating people.

Because I love the church and her saints and all of the feast days, guess what? TODAY YOU LEARN MORE. My hero, St. Hildegard. Yesterday was her feast day. I love her first of all because my coworker had a quote of St. Hildegard’s on the wall. I love her secondly because she is a... Continue Reading →

Wednesday. Wearin’ green tights.

Today is Wednesday. Let's chat clothes! See those green tights? I hardcore debated about buying them the week before Thanksgiving. The color seemed a little artistically much. But, hey, I was like, "Holidays. Whatever. I can wear them once and it'll be fine." And now I've been watching the wash cycle and nabbing them as... Continue Reading →


Today was the day I didn't want to wear any of my winter clothes--too dark and heavy! (And it's only December. We may be in for a Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder.) So, I reached past my closest and into the costumes and artifacts stored in the basement. You think I jest. This skirt was... Continue Reading →

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