Hello, blog

I feel like my life is so, so, so many things right now that I'm having trouble sorting through all of them and focusing on any one of them for long enough to write a couple hundred words on it. So, instead, maybe I'll just toss out ten minutes worth of brain-on-page and you can... Continue Reading →

Heart in tune

My brother has all of the musical stuff. He's the one who bought me my ukulele. He's the one who wakes up and goes downstairs to strum a few riffs through the orange amps in the basement. The other day, I walked downstairs, to where he was playing on one of his electrical guitars, and... Continue Reading →

Circus strong!!!!

Did you want to take a quick minute and talk about CIRCUS?!?! I thought so. Yo, so, I showed up at class yesterday and the teachers said, "Nell, come here," and I did and they handed me an envelope and I was like, "What's this?" AND IT TURNS OUT IT WAS TWO FREE TICKETS TO... Continue Reading →

So this is 29

Here's the thing about birthdays: it is the oldest you have ever been. So, there are any number of people turning, say, seventeen today. And, to me, that seems very, very young and what not. But, to them, it is the oldest they have ever been. And they're probably dealing with a bit of angst... Continue Reading →

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