A Day of Play…in May.

Self-promote? Who? Me? On my own blog? Never. Cough. But! In YOUR interest, here's something really, really cool which you should think about: Play in a Day. What, what, what is this insanity, you ask? Basically, I've invited some of the most disgustingly-talented people I know to gather. I'm just going to throw them together... Continue Reading →

The newest burrito

So, one time, on the Camino de Santiago '13, it was the evening and I was making everyone say their "highs and lows" for the day. On this one day, Carlie and Jesus (the dewd, not the Son-of-God, although the Son-of-God was undoubtedly present) passed a place with a litter of PUPPIES!! Puppies puppies puppies!... Continue Reading →

My personal 15 Triduum favorites

This year I visited with friends and parted with, "Merry Triduum!" because I wasn't sure of the correct greeting. But then a different friend wished me an "Epic Triduum" which fits better, doesn't it? I didn't take pictures of the events on Friday or Saturday. Sometimes it's just better to be present than to rush... Continue Reading →

Holy Thursday

When I knelt today at mass, the mass of the Last Supper, I thought about all the people I've been graced to meet: the dusty children of El Salvador, the homeless of Detroit, the little crowd from Colorado, those I've met on World Youth Days and through my sibs and through the entire faith community.... Continue Reading →

Holy week time

It could be that maybe I didn't transition well into talking and what not, but there are so many things that need to be done--and all of them good and worthy things, you know? In the next few days I need to... call the vet for the guinea pig (don't worry, routine things) make butter... Continue Reading →

Getting back in the swingity swing

Hey. Should I have posted something yesterday? Of course. But, instead, we were delayed. We were making Easter eggs, you see. And it was beautiful: lots of people, lots of dye, lots of fire hazards because: no school like the old school. And now, here were are, in Holy Week, my favorite week. There are... Continue Reading →

Oh hai, I’m alive

I'm alive and more alive and even more, more alive, thanks be to God. My retreat is complete, it's 1 a.m. and I just finished a night of dancing. Guys, God was so, so mind-blowing good. I can't even. So, I'm not even going to try. Goose night!

She’ll be comin’ round that mountain

Oh HEY!! I'm here! In Colorado! In my own hotel room like an ADULT, yo!! How was the trip? Well, take-off was rough, but I was sitting in a row with two kidlets, twins, nine years old...and it was hilarious. They had approximately a million questions about everything, but I felt like a qualified adult... Continue Reading →


Is this even news? Today is my birthday. Happy birthday. I think I'm just going to write approximately three hundred words and call it a happy day. Several minutes of brain-on-page, go. I feel like I turn older on January 1 every year, not April 4 although I am undoubtedly older today, just as I... Continue Reading →

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