No ready models | Re: body image

Even though the trend is probably almost done anyway, I'm still slightly drawn to the idea of colored pants. Red slacks, jean-cut, in particular. So, I try them on when I see them. But, they never seem quite right. That's where I was, a few weeks ago, red pants in hand, ready to buy if... Continue Reading →

For Father’s Day. (Belated).

Happy Father's Day. Father's day is a reflection on, well, fatherhood, isn't it? And some just really lucked out. And, congrats. Congrats and Happy Father's Day and Hallmark cards and photo slide-shows and BBQ's and all, to the kids with great dads, great memories, great throwback pics. And love to those dads who were always... Continue Reading →

I went to Chicago and stuff

Remember how I was going to be recreating and stuff? I did. I went to IL and Chicago and saw friends and fam. Want to see about ten pictures with limited amounts of text? Why, your wish is my command! We got too late to the grocery store, though. So we relied on our reserves... Continue Reading →

Recreation time

I went to mass last week and we sang the song about the morning that has broken, like the first morning, and we praised God for the "recreation of the new day." Recreation is an interesting word. Because it mostly conjures up images of play-time. The beach and camping and what not. Or, maybe not.... Continue Reading →

Le update

Once I went to this church-talk by this dewd I know who is really cool and also happens to be in seminarian for bonus-cool points. He was telling us some stories about his life, and one was that he went to this high-security prison to minister to the inmates and what not. Anyway, this one... Continue Reading →

Someone asked me what I wanted

That one friend asked me what I wanted and I said I didn't know and he got awful fired up, "OH MY GOSH," he said, with his exasperated-voice, "Go and figure out what you want." So...I started. I want time for prayer. I want time in nature. I want slow days and beautiful, unwinding adventure.... Continue Reading →

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