Small winter poem 1 | Morning whale

I was driving to work this morning Eating oatmeal. I do this all the time, inexplicably, Even if I have enough time to sit at the table and eat. On some unconscious level, I'd rather balance the white corningware In the passenger seat, a partner in the morning's commute. Today I had filled the bowl... Continue Reading →

Worth celebrating

Yesterday I was rubbing my chin, absentmindedly, as I wrote, and I realized that I was growing a singular bristle-hair on the right-hand side, on my jawline, so I got up and walked to the bathroom and plucked it with some pink tweezers I keep on hand for any such occasions. And then I thought... Continue Reading →

What the Lord hath done

One time, when I was dressed in a floor-length gown and I was holding flowers, I sat in the front pew of a church and watched my brother marry a good woman. There is a prayer sometimes used in wedding masses, a special prayer for the wife, full of beautiful words and phrases and wishes--that... Continue Reading →


These are my people. And that is my river. Actually, that River is Detroit's. And those people belong to God. But, He shares them with me. Like last week. When we all gathered and walked through the blessed space that is Belle Isle, an island close to the banks of America and Canada both, and... Continue Reading →


I'm still learning. And I tell myself that all the time. "You're still learning, Nell, it's a learning curve and you're still on it." Enter December. So, I have family members who work for industry in general. And I see things wind down for the holidays. Note this: not in church world. NOT. IN. CHURCH.... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Report

Remember when it was a few months ago and I learned that the retreat I go on EVERY New Years for the past LITERALLY SEVEN OR EIGHT New Years was cancelled this year? I probably told you this. What I didn't tell you is that it threw me into a leetle bit of a tailspin... Continue Reading →

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