Snowball 2014 this past weekend

Every year for the past ten, my family has hosted a shindig known 'round these parts as the "Snowball" which is basically an excuse for dressing up and getting out and seeing friends while we all try to survive this frigid winter. It's fun and good times and memories galore, and I should really take... Continue Reading →

Love doesn’t make sense to me, either

Did you ever have a conversation that was probably insignificant to everyone else involved but it stuck with you over the next few days and weeks and months, gently permeating your thoughts and research? A while back someone brought up Ephesians 5 with me. Be my guest, guess which part? You probs guessed right. The... Continue Reading →

Winter/projects/my mom

My camera has been accumulating photos of my mother. This is mostly because in the winter I'm driven more indoors due to snow/cold/ice/my inability to generate body heat and more time indoors = more time for projects! The list is in: My sister and I ordered Triathlon-friendly suits yesterday. After the mere second swimming class... Continue Reading →

Sisters. Straight crazy-talk.

The first thing that you need to know is that obscene amounts of my childhood were spent playing Barbies with my sister on the floor in the basement. Our basement has a pole, for support (I think?), in the center of the large rec room and we were constantly fighting battles with our brothers over... Continue Reading →

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