Living, dying, and both well

A few weeks ago, I met some old-but-far-flung friends halfway between their distant homes and mine. My friends, Lauren and Mica, are sisters; we've been friends since grade school for real, though. We drove out after work, exchanged happy greetings and unloaded at the farmhouse where we would be staying the night. And then, we... Continue Reading →

Oh hai

Last week I developed a bit of a cold and, despite wanting to play music and circus and all other levels of body was kind of like: eh...or you could lay in your bed forever and ever and think about all the things you want to do but have zero energy to do them.... Continue Reading →


Two hundred years ago, in 2011, I walked a bit of the Camino de Santiago. Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, you who show up with skeletal "plans" or maybe "visions." Ha. Hahahahaha. Almost a year before I walked the Camino, my brother had sent me a link to the Wikipedia article about... Continue Reading →


-1- YOU. GUYS. I am obsessed with a new icon--that of St. Anne and Joachim. So, the names aren't exactly Biblical, but, there is a long-standing tradition that Anne and Joachim were the parents of the Blessed Virgin a.k.a. Mary a.k.a. the mother of Jesus. Also, fun fact, St. Anne is the patroness of Detroit.... Continue Reading →

Abundant Grace

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "How do people even get married?" Weddings seem so bizarrely beautiful. This man and this woman, promising lives and fidelity to each other forever and ever (well, until they die, at least). But how? How do people look at each other and decide this? How do they get to a... Continue Reading →

Sto lat, leetle blog

Sometimes I do this. I letcha know the blog behind-the-scenes. Basically, I have access to some basic stats about my readers (i.e. my computer knows, for instance, that you might be in the U.S. Past that, though, I know nothing. I don't know your address or your favorite color or even YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR AND... Continue Reading →

On my sister’s dreadlocks

Once, when we were little and playing dolls in the basement, my sister softened her voice to the quiet tone reserved for confessionals and told me that she had asked mom if she (my sister) could get her hair sectioned into the tiny braids that are then decorated in pony beads, like the hair of... Continue Reading →

La luna nublada

I was asked to share, at a meeting, what my experience in Philadelphia was like. So I wrote these jumbled words. Enjoy. ============================================================= The moment that sticks with me Is the moment, under the clouded moon, where they wouldn’t let me in to the gated-off city center, so instead I stood, shivering/ stranded/ crestfallen in... Continue Reading →

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