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Hi. I'm in the middle of a series on the summer of racial tension that is 1967 2016, but for this post I'm going to give it a rest for a hot-second because I'm also in the middle of (1) a huge lot of work-stuff (Ste. Anne novena whaaaaaat, holler if you need prayers, because... Continue Reading →

Bus lines and #BlackLivesMatter. Part 2.

Did you see when the color-coded maps of the large American cities were published a year or so ago? They were telling. This was Detroit's: Look at those colors. Split distinctly, definitely along man-made lines. Those colors represent racial differences. Those colors also represent deep, deep divides and prejudices that reach back for generations. And... Continue Reading →

Biking these streets

Quotes: Her feelings on the summertime. Mom: "I could live outside. I really could. On this park bench." We see a bunch of folks playing PokemonGO. I explain the game to her. Honestly, we've seen 20+ people now. Including some in the cemetery we rode to visit. Mom: "How did all these kids learn about... Continue Reading →

Working on a Play

Things I need to do this weekend: 1. Edit 2 spoken word pieces 2. Plan a set design with my brother 3. Go shopping/ scrounging for props 4. Find 2 new actresses for a few who can no longer participate 5. Plan a week of rehearsals Things I have delegated to other people: 1. Reserving... Continue Reading →

Lists on lists on lists on lists

Things I ate for dinner: 1. Corn chips 2. Hummus 3. Garlic dip 4. Watermelon 5. Baby carrots I tried. Things I watched today that are worth sharing: 1. This clip about how Stephen Colbert found his wife. Literally precious. And, generally speaking, I don't have a lot of romantic in mine heart. Things that... Continue Reading →

Journey on

The early morning air of these summer days beckons me to adventure, adventure, adventure. It whispers to me about early morning hikes over mountains and through the pines... Or early city-smells on new roads, with fresh cheese and fruit bought from shops where sometimes they speak your language and, sometimes, they don't. And I'm thirsty... Continue Reading →

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