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Forever grateful for holy priests


“Can you just remind me about Jesus?” I asked him.

I asked because I know he knows Jesus. I know he’s talked to him, heard his words, dropped things and followed. I know he’s deeply familiar with the everlasting love. I know he radiates hope and joy and light, which means he’s given himself away so now Jesus remains instead.

And I needed to hear about Jesus, for the days have been long and draining and I’m in the dead center of a million options without solid answers or directions towards any particular path. And, if confused is where God sees it necessary to place me at the moment, amen and so be it, but, good heavens, could we just take a few moments to swim in this sacred mystery: a God who loves us sent His son to wear skin like the rest of us and die and redeem us and love us, daily, into heaven?

I asked the question, but probably he read the paragraphs-long explanation behind the question in my eyes, so he stepped aside from everything else in that busy day, those busy moments, and started here: with God’s love.

And at first my brain/ my heart were like, “I know this.”

So I had to be like, “No, no…listen.”

And he talked about how we don’t even understand Jesus’ perfect love for us, how perfectly he wants to love us, because all we have are crooked ideas of love.

And then he used the thought from Pope Francis, that realities are greater than ideas, and he pointed out that the reality of Jesus is greater than our idea of the man, and with that I was ready for him to drop the mic and walk away. Because the reality of Jesus is greater than the idea I’ve constructed about Jesus and that’s what I needed to be reminded.

And I also needed to be reminded about a love beyond my plane of understanding.
And I also needed to be reminded about stories and realities intertwining mine.
And I needed to be reminded how little I actually know, but how much is held by Jesus.

So I asked him to remind me.

And he did.

2 thoughts on “Forever grateful for holy priests

  1. “The reality of Jesus is greater than the idea I’ve constructed about Jesus.” Wow, thank you. I needed to be reminded about that too. One way I use to remind myself is to begin my prayers by quoting scripture and thanking God for His promises. Like. “Thank You that Your thoughts toward me are for good, and not for evil. Thank You for preparing a future and a hope for me.” Honestly, thanking God for who He says He is has revolutionized my prayer life. But it’s still Monday, so I need extra reminders ;0) Thanks again for your post!

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