My Office

I've recently relocated in my office building...therefore: new views! Out the window: On the whiteboard (I thought they were joking when they said the whiteboard was my responsibility. They weren't joking): But--now it's a three-day weekend. So: do awesome things and remember awesome people.

When things don’t go according to plan

Yesterday was Wednesday. Big things that have happened this week: the Oklahoma tragic tornado, the passing of a friend's family members. And yesterday was Wednesday...when I normally write about clothing. I was going to be so productive. I was going to accomplish things and write posts and go to the funeral parlor and clean the... Continue Reading →

Current status: aware of my mosquito bites

So I spent time with this gorgeous face on Sunday. Together we hiked a mini-Camino. We were banished from the real group (more on that later, alligator). See the lilac picture? It represents a larger theme, you see. Today, in my office I mainly focus on those lilacs...and the shining water. And they were beautiful!... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

My brother, Paul, unexpectedly mentioned that he wanted to be featured in a "What I Wore Wednesday." I told him he would be featured THIS WEEK and I figured we were good. That morning I texted him from work, reminding him of this. But then he texted me back saying he no longer wanted to.... Continue Reading →

May is magical. Really.

I got off of work yesterday and I was tired. I wanted to go home and nap. But then I got home and a friend, Matt, was over. So instead I danced in the living room and ate a scrambled egg and, since he is coming on the Camino with me...we decided to "practice walk"... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, beautiful wedding

I attended a wedding on Saturday. A wedding of a most beautiful bride. It made me remember everything I've ever loved and heard about weddings, ever since I was little. I met the bride while we were both in high school, and we met up again years later in college. She has always been sincere... Continue Reading →

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