A post full o’ love!

Guys! Hello! Yesterday was a very special day...the birthday of the blog! One year old! I want to say that I'm floored by the follows, the comments, the times when people say things like, "So, I saw in your blog..." Thank you. Thanks for following (I don't even know most of you in real-life! Man,... Continue Reading →

Super short reflection!

When I was a little kid I would like to a radio program called "Adventures in Oddessy" where the main character was named "Mr. Whittaker" and he ran an ice cream shop called "Whit's End" where he would basically have adventures and tell kids about Jesus. In all of their publications, Whit looked something like... Continue Reading →

What sort of woman

Here's a better reflection than I'll ever write on today's reading. Love, Me. In other news, this is the line that I ponder: "When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this he said to himself, 'If this man were a prophet, he would know who and what sort of woman this is who is... Continue Reading →

La la la What I Wore Wednesday

Yeeeah, so these were taken on Tuesday. Bite me, no worries, mate. It was a cute outfit. Actually, super Colleen-centric, which is fitting since it's her MARRIAGE WEEK and all. The skirt she found whilst we were out secondhand shopping and she was like, "I think these are your colors" and I was like, "Oh,... Continue Reading →

On being Sanguine

On Sunday the computer in our living room started acting weird, loading much slower than normal, etc. I didn't think much of this and went about my day. Monday morning I logged on to check my email and the start-up process took longer than I had. So, I went to work, did my thing and... Continue Reading →

We laughed a lot this weekend

Full confession: I haven't straight-read any of St. Benedict's stuff. But I did read Mama Monk's series and a book called "Radical Hospitality" and if I ever got a tattoo I would get the St. Benedict's medal on my back. (For the record, I would also get that little cross tatted into my wrist if... Continue Reading →

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