What I Wore Wednesday

It's cold in Michigan these days, very cold and often dark. We've already hit some kind of record (snow? cold? does it matter when the prize isn't worth winning?) and the rest of the week has the high temps somewhere in the single digits. I just finished hiking 30+ miles in the bitter cold over... Continue Reading →

These are a few of my favorite SHOES

Okay, so, to be honest, I really want to keep writing really thought-provoking stuff, but right now I'm in the middle of trying to replace all of the shoes I have worn through in the past FOUR YEARS because they have all seemingly DIED in the same MONTH so now I'm kind of wearing shoes... Continue Reading →


Pants. I have an "it's complicated" relationship with them. Skirts are easier for me. Because you can get a skirt in any of the sizes from: it catches your frame from the bottom of your rib cage (a.k.a. the "natural waist") to it sits at the fullest part of the hip and, the main point... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Can I just have a second to talk about grey? People say that black is the best color to wear, and they say it's the most versatile and the best and all that jazz. I beg to differ. Because you're not supposed to wear black with brown. Or blue. Or navy. (As if I follow... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday–Skinny jean edition

I got home from work today like, "Should I stay in this skirt? These constricting tights?... ... ... "Naaaaaaaaah." For today is Fanksgiving, a holiday traditionally celebrated on Thanksgiving Eve and my circus socks are on and my colored-skinny jean game is rocking it tonight. I bought this sweater second-hand last weekend. It has a... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

I was going to dress sharp and professionally today. I had my clothes folded and laid out for when I finished my shower. And then I was like, "Nah. Life is short and summer is short and there is only so much season for white-summer-things. And more color always." And so I wore my eyelet... Continue Reading →

Still going still sewing

I was rereading through some of my blog posts, and I came across the one that was like, "BRB sewing LOL." And I referenced this image: And this material: But, I was kind of a jerk and never showed the dress. BUT HERE IT IS, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE THINGS LIKE SEWING AND... Continue Reading →

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