New Year’s Report

Remember when it was a few months ago and I learned that the retreat I go on EVERY New Years for the past LITERALLY SEVEN OR EIGHT New Years was cancelled this year? I probably told you this. What I didn't tell you is that it threw me into a leetle bit of a tailspin... Continue Reading →

God still answers prayers, friends.

Years ago, I was dating a super awesome guy (who has since married a really sweet woman). I remember calling him, one day after work, after I had just started working in the city. I told him that I somehow, somehow felt called to Detroit. But, I didn't know how. I remember telling him that... Continue Reading →

Holy Week

There are few places, spaces, events, moments these days that draw together the entirety of the peoples. Maybe this is more apparent to me because I was homeschooled, so I never knew age-lumping until college. But, really, besides the sacred or secular feasts (Christmas, for instance, maybe Thanksgiving), when do the old and the young... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #2

There is a line in an Advent song that sings like, "O Come, O rod of Jesse's stem" And today's reading is about the desert and the parched land and the steppe blooming "with abundant flowers." But I'm just over here like, "Yeah, and I'll bet that those were watered by our collective tears." "Mourning... Continue Reading →

Living, dying, and both well

A few weeks ago, I met some old-but-far-flung friends halfway between their distant homes and mine. My friends, Lauren and Mica, are sisters; we've been friends since grade school for real, though. We drove out after work, exchanged happy greetings and unloaded at the farmhouse where we would be staying the night. And then, we... Continue Reading →

La luna nublada

I was asked to share, at a meeting, what my experience in Philadelphia was like. So I wrote these jumbled words. Enjoy. ============================================================= The moment that sticks with me Is the moment, under the clouded moon, where they wouldn’t let me in to the gated-off city center, so instead I stood, shivering/ stranded/ crestfallen in... Continue Reading →

I met some missionaries!

On Monday a crew of people showed up at my little-church for noon:fifteen mass and I was like, "Hey." And they were like, "We're from Colorado on mission to Detroit." So I was like, "Cool story, bro, I'm going to sit over here and pray." Not really, but kind of. Then I saw them again... Continue Reading →

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