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Lotsa Pope and a little bit of clothes

Hey my friends!

Over the next month and a half I have not one, not two, but FOUR weddings to attend. Plus necessary other-events that go along with them (showers and the like).

Tonight is one such event (Bachelorette partay, actually). So! This will be so short.

I will give you some points to ponder.

  • Pope Francis wrote a super personal letter to a newspaper founder. Apparently (and maybe I misunderstood), this newspaper guy wrote an open letter to “the Pope” in an article where he challenged the points of faith Pope Francis wrote about in his encyclical. So the Pope decided to write him back. So good, guys, so good.

    What some of my favzies excerpts?

    For me, faith began by meeting with Jesus. A personal meeting that touched my heart and gave a direction and a new meaning to my existence.

    YES. That personal connection.

    …To start, I would not speak about, not even for those who believe, an “absolute” truth, in the sense that absolute is something untied, something lacking any relationship. Now, the truth is a relationship! This is so true that each of us sees the truth and expresses it, starting from oneself: from one’s history and culture, from the situation in which one lives, etc. This does not mean that the truth is variable and subjective. It means that it is given to us only as a way and a life. Was it not Jesus himself who said: “I am the way, the truth, the life”? In other words, the truth is one with love, it requires humbleness and the opening to be [sought], listened to and expressed. …

    “Truth is a relationship!” I’m loving it. This explains so beautifully the concept of personal, unique encounters with Jesus.

  • It doesn’t tie into anything, but I had a thought today. You know how people give their daughters middle names that are Marian? I think it would be a cool trend (but, rather, an off-trend) to do middle names based off of Marian appiritions. So, like, Guadalupe and Fatima and Lourdes and the like.
  • Father Pio wrote me an email. I was talking about reading Story of a Soul and how I feel like St. Therese in that GOD POSITIVELY SPOILS ME. So Father Pio closes his email like this, “May you be ever-more spoiled and respond with great loving thanks and surrender.” Is that not sweet and wonderful?
  • Maybe maybe you’ll get a different What I Wore Wednesday from a reader. Until then, here’s a janky photo of what I wore Tuesday: a vintage sundress that I think is FANTASTIC. It’s white cotton with embroidered branches, flowers and birds across the top. Usually I don’t like the empire look…but this is my exception! I bought it at a super weird city-wide garage sale which is no longer held. Sad face because you could find cool stuff…happy face since I don’t really need more stuff.
    The dress’s seams have fallen apart a little (vintage thread and all), but I just keep repairing where they need repairs and feeling awesome when I wear this sundress.
Summer weather, I love you lots lots lots!
Summer weather, I love you lots lots lots!

Thanks for reading! I reallllllly appreciate it.

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