Weird assortment of Cancun-y pictures

Dewd. Did I mention my camera has been finicky? Well. It has. And I went to Mexico to meet boyfriend's-family and here is an assortment of shots...and all of them have weird lines through them. And I don't know why, but the guy at the camera store said it was a sensor issue. So...sensor issue,... Continue Reading →

A mad jumble of life

On Monday I held a baby and her mom said, "If you sing a song, she'll sing, too," even though the baby is too young for words (or even, probably, coherent thought). So I sang a song from Broadway's "Peter Pan," and the mom said, "I think you need to sing a song she knows,... Continue Reading →

I bought a cocktail dress

All my bags are packed and ready to go I'm standing here, outside your door Just kidding. I'm not. I'm at my computer, eating alternatively from a bowl of mango slices which are too-cold because the refrigerator in the basement of my work works overtime and a bowl of soup which is too hot because... Continue Reading →


Here are some things you might want to know. For old times' sake. --- 1 --- First of all, there were scores of baby Lutherans wandering around my city for some sort of conference last week. And by "baby" I mean "teenagers." And by "scores" I mean "20." As in, groups of 20, walking around... Continue Reading →

Still going still sewing

I was rereading through some of my blog posts, and I came across the one that was like, "BRB sewing LOL." And I referenced this image: And this material: But, I was kind of a jerk and never showed the dress. BUT HERE IT IS, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE THINGS LIKE SEWING AND... Continue Reading →

I met some missionaries!

On Monday a crew of people showed up at my little-church for noon:fifteen mass and I was like, "Hey." And they were like, "We're from Colorado on mission to Detroit." So I was like, "Cool story, bro, I'm going to sit over here and pray." Not really, but kind of. Then I saw them again... Continue Reading →

On teapots

It struck me last night, as I washed all the dishes, how needlessly wonderful it is that teapots exist. I mean, they have a purpose, sure. They're supposed to hold hot water as the tea leaves steep and stain the liquid for us. But, when I was a kid, my mom would sometimes brew tea... Continue Reading →

The PIT of H—

The grandmother of A half-dozen afro-American children Who were in my art class Emphasized a point like this, “That is a lie,” (and then she would verbally italicize each word) “From the pit of Hell.” I found the phrase both Pointed and slightly humorous, As I do now, But I slipped it into my vocabulary... Continue Reading →

There’s been a lot going on

When I drove back from Chicago I called my priest-friend (crying) (bless him) All, "How do I do this?" And "this" meant life in general And he agreed to pray for me "For an hour, if you need it" So we prayed. He asked God to give me patience And I thought that was kind... Continue Reading →

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