Weird assortment of Cancun-y pictures

Dewd. Did I mention my camera has been finicky? Well. It has. And I went to Mexico to meet boyfriend's-family and here is an assortment of shots...and all of them have weird lines through them. And I don't know why, but the guy at the camera store said it was a sensor issue. So...sensor issue,... Continue Reading →

A mad jumble of life

On Monday I held a baby and her mom said, "If you sing a song, she'll sing, too," even though the baby is too young for words (or even, probably, coherent thought). So I sang a song from Broadway's "Peter Pan," and the mom said, "I think you need to sing a song she knows,... Continue Reading →

I bought a cocktail dress

All my bags are packed and ready to go I'm standing here, outside your door Just kidding. I'm not. I'm at my computer, eating alternatively from a bowl of mango slices which are too-cold because the refrigerator in the basement of my work works overtime and a bowl of soup which is too hot because... Continue Reading →


Here are some things you might want to know. For old times' sake. --- 1 --- First of all, there were scores of baby Lutherans wandering around my city for some sort of conference last week. And by "baby" I mean "teenagers." And by "scores" I mean "20." As in, groups of 20, walking around... Continue Reading →

Still going still sewing

I was rereading through some of my blog posts, and I came across the one that was like, "BRB sewing LOL." And I referenced this image: And this material: But, I was kind of a jerk and never showed the dress. BUT HERE IT IS, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE THINGS LIKE SEWING AND... Continue Reading →

I met some missionaries!

On Monday a crew of people showed up at my little-church for noon:fifteen mass and I was like, "Hey." And they were like, "We're from Colorado on mission to Detroit." So I was like, "Cool story, bro, I'm going to sit over here and pray." Not really, but kind of. Then I saw them again... Continue Reading →

On teapots

It struck me last night, as I washed all the dishes, how needlessly wonderful it is that teapots exist. I mean, they have a purpose, sure. They're supposed to hold hot water as the tea leaves steep and stain the liquid for us. But, when I was a kid, my mom would sometimes brew tea... Continue Reading →

The PIT of H—

The grandmother of A half-dozen afro-American children Who were in my art class Emphasized a point like this, “That is a lie,” (and then she would verbally italicize each word) “From the pit of Hell.” I found the phrase both Pointed and slightly humorous, As I do now, But I slipped it into my vocabulary... Continue Reading →

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