What I Wore Wednesday

It's no secret that I love my huge and old Buick...but winter has been hard on it, so this week I've been going to car lots and Craigslist ads and test driving all around the local cities. Oy. The hardest part is that I love my car--he's just, well, had enough. And I need a... Continue Reading →

Create or stagnate, little Nell

Oh, hi. It's been a few days, hasn't it? I ride on summertime mercy of too much sunshine and too many beautiful gatherings and the Queen Anne's lace EVERYWHERE this year. Seriously, everywhere. And, by the way, I'm loving it. Can I just ease back into this blog thing? May I write a simple and... Continue Reading →

Flowers from glass shards

Here’s a non-secret: I work in Detroit. And as long as we’re sharing non-secrets: Detroit is riddled with crime and poverty. That was obvious, wasn’t it? But, here’s a second secret: the suburbs of Detroit are riddled with crime and poverty, too. The suburbs are surrounded by racism, in our hearts…and that’s both a crime... Continue Reading →

The shortest Christine story.

So many things to say! But no time! So, I'll tell you something Christine said. Me: Christine, you should come to circus class ONE TIME. Christine: No. Me: Yes. You should try it ONCE. Christine: No. I have no upper-body strength. Me: Well, how do you think you will get upper body strength? Christine: Sitting... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

You know what we haven't done in a very long time? Not since over a month ago, actually? A "What I Wore Wednesday." High time or high time? Yes, indeed, high time. Shall we start with the skirt? It kind of pops out and grabs the attention, so that's where we'll start. I bought that... Continue Reading →

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