Half of the blood in my veins comes from a peoples easily addicted to fire water, and the other half from folks with a tendency towards obsessive compulsions and, while I've done a pretty good job of avoiding both of those things, I do tend to get reallllllly into whatever hobby I'm feeling at the... Continue Reading →

Stories from the desert

I once sat in a table discussion at a workshop We were asked to share about God's work in our lives. Every story, told, took a matter of minutes. But, I was struck that every story used a phrase like, "And a long time later," Or, "Over the course of years..." To say a phrase... Continue Reading →

A simply delightful weekend

I have two mentors. They've both been like, "So, taking time for yourself," and this has been a process that has taken a lot of time (*cough* a year *cough*), BUT, this weekend I dutifully marked as "recovery weekend" which meant no responsibilities to anyone except myself (I'm looking at you: job-that-I-love) and therein began... Continue Reading →

It was my cousin’s birthday

Yesterday. A birthday. This is for my cousin, Hanna, who turned older yesterday. I think that we actually turn older every day, while maintaining the memory of before. But, still, it is good to remember days-of-birth, so I texted some electronic flowers. We went camping this year, in the summer, hiked the best hikes, had... Continue Reading →

Makin’ stuff

I have a wedding coming up this weekend, a delightful event, full of wonder, and maybe I'll write more about that. But, until then...I've been working on a new skirt. (Sketch above). I picked out some material a few weeks back, the store is kind of a potluck of stores--you never know what you'll find.... Continue Reading →

Weird things about sleeping

Y'all, I get writer's block like the best of us. So I'm going to tell you 10 things about sleeping, in an effort to reach a couple hundo words in the next few minutes. Also, if you couldn't guess...I'm a little tired. 🙂 Go me. 1. There is a neighborhood I live in only in... Continue Reading →

MLK day reflections

The reality on January 15, 2018. Perhaps the most ironic moment of the day is when I drove my used-but-still-slightly-luxurious (heated seats!) sedan down a street in Highland Park. Highland Park, the city-with-a-city, where the larger city is Detroit and the smaller city isn't doing so hot with violence, poverty, and danger itself. I went... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

It's cold in Michigan these days, very cold and often dark. We've already hit some kind of record (snow? cold? does it matter when the prize isn't worth winning?) and the rest of the week has the high temps somewhere in the single digits. I just finished hiking 30+ miles in the bitter cold over... Continue Reading →

We didn’t die: NYE 2017

As you probably know, my favorite New Year's thing of. all. time. was going to Marytown, a Franciscan Friary just north of Chicago, for prayer and talks and all the celebration, but (alas) that ship has sailed so Ursela took some matters into her own tentacles. Back up a few months, me looking at New... Continue Reading →

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