On The Feast of St. Stephen

The day after Christmas is the Feast of St. Stephen, The very first martyr of the church. It's recorded that, as he was sharing the news of Jesus, The crowd grew agitated and upset And rushed upon Stephen to kill him. I went to mass yesterday, so I heard the story. These words, in particular,... Continue Reading →

Some Christmas Snippets

My Christmas looked like this... And then...night! Christmas! Baby Jesus! The sibs kind of decided against the Midnight Mass option...and elected for the 7:30 a.m. mass instead, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. COUGH. I love this photo someone snapped, though: Merry Christmas, everybody!

Christmas Magic | Tres

Twelve Christmas facts/ things that I love Just for kix and giggles. I was working on this new painting technique for this ultra-specific wall art I’m making for somebunny special (I have one thousand brothers, and gifting individual gifts to each? It’s like I read all of the “101 Christmas Gifts he’ll LOVE” every December... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic | Dos

"May your days, may your days, may your days be merry and briiii-ay-ay-aight..." Want to know other magical things about Christmas? I WILL TELL YOU. Friends. They come back into town, they want to make plans and hang out. Or they're still in town, but you don't see them too much anymore, and they want... Continue Reading →

But, even if He does not…

Every day I've been praying my Christmas novena, repeating the words the fifteen times I'm supposed to. I pray it in the kitchen or in church or in bed, on my fingers or my rosary or my bracelet's beads, praying about the "hour and moment at which the Son of God was born," and that... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic | Uno

Subtitled: HOW GOOD, EXCESSIVELY FRAGMENTED THOUGHT Rough outline, because otherwise this makes no sense: Story Other story Things that are cool about Christmas Quote that is neat, but doesn't really tie into anything It still doesn't make sense...but, at least you have an outline. On Monday Julia texted me all, "Should I dress cute or... Continue Reading →

Prepaaaaaaaaaaare ye

I wrote to one of my friends today, "I feel like this week is just one long day where I happen to keep changing clothes" and it seriously feels that way--late, late nights of community service all week long, and the next two nights aren't any different. In fact, I'm supposed to be giving two... Continue Reading →

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