Snapshots of the life

Mostly from this weekend. Because who doesn't love a good photo-log, right? Amiright? Here are some things I have been up to, in no order. No order at all. Saturday through Monday up in here... And that's just positively that.

Michigan Weather and God

I realized a day or two ago that I'm often tempted to treat God like I treat the Michigan weather...which is to say, "Not all that trustworthy." A few weeks ago, it snowed heavy, heavy snow. Then, a few days later, we had a warm weather spell, which means my heaviest sweaters were retired, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter, little chickens!

My family attends the Easter Vigil, a service that starts at sundown and stretches for hours and hours until midnight is passed. We started years ago, when some of my family members became Catholic, because it is that day when adults and children not-still-babies are anointed with oil and water and prayers. But, I digress.... Continue Reading →

Holy Week

There are few places, spaces, events, moments these days that draw together the entirety of the peoples. Maybe this is more apparent to me because I was homeschooled, so I never knew age-lumping until college. But, really, besides the sacred or secular feasts (Christmas, for instance, maybe Thanksgiving), when do the old and the young... Continue Reading →

Holy Week. I wish I was better prepared.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. By a stroke of hey-my-life-is-full-of-the-unexpected, I ended up attending two Palm Sunday masses, both just outside of Boston. On Palm Sunday, we turn and face the back of the church, and the priest blesses palms (imported, obviously, ain't no palms this far north) and we read the story of Jesus... Continue Reading →

Encountering mercy

I went to adoration last night and everything was kind of a hot mess. I came from circus class, so I was wearing an odd assortment of workout gear and baggy clothes, colorful striped socks and riding boots, to begin with. There was a lady in the front pew who kept dozing off (110% judgement... Continue Reading →

Birfday girn

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. Whenever I tell people about her I say, "I know, we're so lucky we have her." I realized a few months ago that I don't say, "My brother is so lucky that he has her," which is probably how normal people talk about things like in laws. Because, you see, people... Continue Reading →

Lent. Desert. Facebook.

I want to get on Facebook. I want to get on really badly. This is what Lent looks like. I'm at work, and I usually click to that page of photos when I'm in need of a quick emotional fix. Someone cusses at me at work. Someone catches me making an honest mistake. Someone says... Continue Reading →

A tiny poem | Be thou brave

Let us do the things that scare us. Let us not be afraid to fail. Let us attempt the things we have never before tried, the things we do not yet know how to do, the lessons we have far from mastered. Let us extend our hands to those we have never met, Ask the... Continue Reading →

Art art art

I have ideas swirling in my head for new art projects. And the current black hole of internet that intravenously pumped art back into my heart was Pinterest and other such experiences yesterday. Look at these art forms, yo. I'm loving/ loving/ loving them. First up: Art Nouveau. So beautiful. Everyone who knows things about this--tell... Continue Reading →

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