Literally I am updating FROM THE ROAD. Just kidding. I am not. I am updating from a public library off of a tiny road in a tiny town. Today I've biked fifty miles because I'm every level of crazy, yes I am. I have fifteen to go and this day of PALM-tour is complete. Oh,... Continue Reading →

Three links. These of things to view.

Hey all! Here we are, looking at lovely things! Happy Thursday! OK, let's just start with the fluffies! Little pudgy piggies! You can view a guinea pig daily...but, I love that their names are posted along with their images. Some of those names, man, are just TOO CUTE!! If you haven't encountered The Sartorialist yet...for... Continue Reading →

Three links. These of mommy blogs.

Hey all!! It's time to view more links and more links! Today's topic: mommy blogs. I am all over these suckers. Especially the Catholic mommy-blogs. I've linked her a million of the times, but Camp Patton is an instant classic: funny and beautiful and deathly honest. Oy! How do you feel about sassy-pants? You feeling... Continue Reading →

On the wonder of peaches

It's probably sacrilegious to say this But I feel that eating summer-peaches, Them bursting with sweet and sticky syrup Running down my fingers, face and chin, Is (almost) sacramental. We're told of the visible signs of the invisible reality And I hear you on marriage, communion, reconciliation, et al. But somehow my spine-craned posture over... Continue Reading →

These beautiful moments no. 3

You know what? The weekend was lovely. I took some pictures to remind me of this. So, I read this recipe on the internet, made it once and haven't stopped eating it since then. Avocados, chick peas, feta, lime juice, and cilantro is the name of the game...but I upped that game and added jalepeno... Continue Reading →

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