On our history

An Easter poem The lie of the Garden With apple and the snake Was that God didn't really love us, And we listened, with an ache An ache that tore us from God As in sorrow we left. (Though God, with heart-wide-rendered Gave us second-chance, through death). The lie of the sacrifice Of Abraham and... Continue Reading →

A Catechism

Who made us? God made us. God who made the Rocky Mountains and the way grass smells after it has been cut and the way breath turns to curling fog in the cold also made us. He had light dance through prisms and wind rustle through leaves and moss grow on places like roots and... Continue Reading →

8. On discernment

I have told God, point blank, That if He just *told* me What He wanted me to do, Then I would do it Promptly. Did He not understand this?? He told me, Quietly, That if the answer came that simply Then I wouldn't be required to Trust.

Are there rice crispy treats in heaven?

Heaven, like God, is not bound by time. My sister once nearly cried herself to sleep trying to wrap her elementary-schooled mind around the eternal nature of God and the experience scarred me, so, I don't often try to ponder the implications of God's everlasting presence. Besides, of course, that heaven will last forever. I... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Report

Remember when it was a few months ago and I learned that the retreat I go on EVERY New Years for the past LITERALLY SEVEN OR EIGHT New Years was cancelled this year? I probably told you this. What I didn't tell you is that it threw me into a leetle bit of a tailspin... Continue Reading →


Crazy things are happening. Crazy and unexpected and hopefully (dear God, hopefully, please please please) very good. Hopefully. I want to tell you all about them. But, before that, listen. I went to Colorado. My life, which has been a positive whirlwind these past two weeks, has been on this ramping up-and-up which maybe (maybe?)... Continue Reading →

Easter/ Divine Mercy message

"What if," and I said this low, almost at a whisper, "it never comes back?" "I was thinking about this at church," I continued, "what if I'm just in the dark for the rest of time, and heaven feels super far away, and God stays silent, and..." "LIES," he interrupted. And then he said the... Continue Reading →

Michigan Weather and God

I realized a day or two ago that I'm often tempted to treat God like I treat the Michigan weather...which is to say, "Not all that trustworthy." A few weeks ago, it snowed heavy, heavy snow. Then, a few days later, we had a warm weather spell, which means my heaviest sweaters were retired, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter, little chickens!

My family attends the Easter Vigil, a service that starts at sundown and stretches for hours and hours until midnight is passed. We started years ago, when some of my family members became Catholic, because it is that day when adults and children not-still-babies are anointed with oil and water and prayers. But, I digress.... Continue Reading →

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