SQT: Quotes edition

Yo, dog. This is where I am right now. Tomorrow is Synod-y stuff for the AOD. After that, I hope to catch the tail-end of a workshop on "Called and Gifted." Also--please pray for a talk I'm supposed to give to some kidlets on chastity/ vocation/ life Sunday night...before a dance lesson. Oh, and it's... Continue Reading →

Sewer-steam prayer

I don't know if this happens in other cities (and, for all of my travels, I don't remember the phenomenon in other places) but, in Detroit, white smoke-y steam billows from our sewers. When we were kids we made up some elaborate, fictional story about this, and told visiting-kids about dragons in the sewer systems.... Continue Reading →

Dinner Party. Deconstructed.

  One million years ago, when I was young, I went to Australia with thousands of other youths, because the Pope had invited us. I did things there. Saw kangaroos. Ate lamington (U.S. GET ON YOUR SPONGE CAKE/ CHOCOLATE COATING/ COCONUT GAME)/ Weetabix/ Tim Tams (obvi, this is prior to being diagnosed gluten-free). Also, it... Continue Reading →

SQT: Hallelujah it’s a weekend!

-1- The plan for tomorrow, Stan, is that I host a nine-course dinner party for twenty people. And I'm super pumped. I've got flowers, fine china, all kindsa food, little name tag place cards for people...everything. I even made RSVP cards. My youngest brother, Josh, who is coming and even helping me prep food for... Continue Reading →

Kenny, Kenny

This is Kenny. He goes to my tiny church. And I just really, really love him. He gave me a CD he burned a few weeks ago, with all of his favorite songs. Turns out, most of them are my favorite songs, too. He reads at mass sometimes, just like me. Once, when I got... Continue Reading →

We’re all covered in salt

My sister and I were walking into mass yesterday and she was like, "ARGH!!" And I turned around like, "What's wrong, Ceebs?" And she motioned at her pant-leg and said, "How did this get salt on it already??" There, on her black pants, about calf-high, was the mark of the bottom of a boot...the outline... Continue Reading →

Ash Wednesday shenanigans

On Wednesday I sneezed myself awake with a singular sneeze. I've been sleeping on the basement couch these past few days, having picked up a bug from a family member. The sneeze was super nasty--the kind of sneeze you sneeze after you've been sick for a couple of days and, at night, your sinuses are... Continue Reading →

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