Sacred Triduum: Good Friday

I sat two rows behind the front row today, Good Friday. The front row had a hand-written sign on the end "Reserved for the handicapped." Eventually three people sat in that row: a man named Robert, a man with a slow mind and dirty clothing but a kind smile and greeting when he speaks; a... Continue Reading →

Sacred Triduum: A Holy Thursday

This week commemorates the most beautiful week--the week Jesus died for humanity. We try to honor this. We fail, but we try. We pull together all that we know to be beautiful--candles and song and community and centuries-old prayer and symbol and silence. We fall short of adoring this mystery, but we are the people... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Hey all! Wednesday again, and another cold one. Therefore: MORE LAYERS! I was thinking about this today. I'm pretty sure I pick out my winter clothes by selecting a general color scheme and going all-out from there. For instance, today's colors were "pink" and "brown." Therefore: pink tights (striped! I've had these since I was... Continue Reading →

Birthday-party weekend!

YOU GUYS WANNA HEAR WHAT I DID OVER MY WEEKEND?? How exciting. I'm blogging. That's what I do, mate, TALK ABOUT MY LIFE. This is the season of the birthday in my family. This week my sister-in-law, sister, and brother all celebrated the beginning of another year. Next week my cousin and father will do... Continue Reading →

What I Wore WHITE SMOKE Wednesday

Not sure if you heard but WE HAVE A NEW POPE. Wooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Actually, most of you heard. I know that because you texted me and called me and tweeted me because, you know he's the FIRST POPE FROM THE AMERICAS and he PICKED THE NAMED "FRANCIS" and probably just because, well, WE LOVE THE... Continue Reading →

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