To Frank.

I usually talk fashion on Wednesdays, but my camera has just died, so instead I'll post about a man named Frank. Frank lives on the sidewalk by my office building. He usually lives in boxes and under trash bags, and I know this and occasionally pass him on my way to and from work. Today... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Conundrums

There's a slightly-obscure Catholic New Years tradition where we are randomly assigned a saint to study/ emulate in the new year. I've received saints to study over the past few years at my New Years retreat, which is all fun and smiles. Last year (2012) my saint was St. Elmo. I had never heard of... Continue Reading →

What HE Wore Wednesday–John

This dashing gentleman is John. He is awesome. If I saw a shooting star right now I would wish that when I am his age I am a fraction of his awesome. John attends daily mass at the wee church where I attend daily mass, and he always looks dapper and sharp. He always wears... Continue Reading →

Thankful Tuesday

Remember that one of my New Year's resolutions was to pray more? Heh. Getting there. Anyway! I've taken up, thanks to this handy cheat sheet from, working through St. Ignatius' daily Examen. Basically it's an end-of-the-day prayer that looks over your day. So far, I dig it. One of my favorite parts is step... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

One time I was at a church rummage sale. My family was still looking at other things, but I had already scanned the rooms of clothing. I was in the church-auditorium, which is where the dishes and the toys were stashed. There was a rack of cheap Halloween costumes, all the size of toddlers. But,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on jumpers. Go.

Hey guys. When I asked about the exposed zipper dilemma of the Frankendress sewing of yore, I received excellent feedback. So, new question: thoughts on jumpers? I'm thinking about making one for an upcoming dance. Here's the thing: I've been very hesitant in the past. Why? Because I was homeschooled. There's a prejudice, I know,... Continue Reading →

What SHE Wore Wednesday–Jessica

Jessica walked into my office today and it was like seeing a vision of a vintage Barbie. I, on the other hand, was dressed like a three-year-old with no concept of weather-appropriate clothing because when I ran this morning it was raining and so I wore rainboots to work. That doesn't sound that bad, except... Continue Reading →

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