What I Wore Wednesday

Today was a snowy day in the city! In fact, here's a picture of Paul shoveling. And more Paul shoveling! I said to myself, "Self, you'd better dress warm! Enter these socks. They're probably my favorite socks. My sister bought them for me for Christmas. I love them because they are: Super warm Engineered for... Continue Reading →

5 Things That I Find Beautiful

I am posting on things I find lovely. I offer no apologies. The explanation, however, is that sometimes I must remind myself. I shall now create a list. List--Things that are Beautiful 1. Flowers... Such bright colors! I bought these. They light up my living room...and my life. (I realized I should add a note... Continue Reading →

Looking forward

Some of my girlfriends and I decided that we would like to partake in a "Lenten Retreat." Only, we didn't have one we really wanted to attend. And so, we decided to make our own. These particular two girlfriends have talents and pasts that include missionary work, retreat planning, and convent life expertise. What I'm... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I wore YELLOW. I wore yellow because bright and cheerful colors can bring a touch of sunlight to cold and dreary winter days. This sweater was purchased a few weeks ago at the grand thrift-store spree, and I love its shawl collar. It also has pockets! I paired it with grey pin-striped wool pants,... Continue Reading →

Pope Benedict XVI. I love him.

It's old news, really: a week old already. The current Pope Benedict XVI will be resigning. This is news-worthy for several reasons, one being that a pope has not resigned in hundreds of years, another being that the pope is a religious leader for much of the world's population. But, I'm not here to speculate.... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day that marks the beginning of Lent...the period of fasting, prayer, and service leading up to the holiest of holidays--Easter. The palms from last year's Palm Sunday are burned to create this year's ashes. Later, at a mass, our foreheads are marked with the ashes in the sign of a... Continue Reading →

My sibs wake up early for me

My car is generally pretty reliable, which is a grace. It's also super comfortable, which is awesome for car trips. But, last week my heat kicked out, which was challenging. My dad had Friday off, so I took his car to work and he told me he'd take my car into the shop. Thing is,... Continue Reading →

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