On discerning

If you and I were both traveling vagabonds, but purposeful, more like pilgrims, but I was maybe older and more accustomed to traveling, and we met each other one night after dinner, over a fire in the back half-room of a hostel that overlooked a spindly but sincere garden, with dying embers and dying voices... Continue Reading →

For Mothers

I was posting flyers through my local neighborhood when I found a couple of Mother’s Day cards in a local store. It was a small shop, hipster-run, and the cards were locally made, and I realized that this fit most of my qualifications for a good purchase, so I bought a card and sent it... Continue Reading →

If you give a girl a springtime

We should go camping. For a whole week, maybe (what luxury!)and hike everyday And do handstands on mountains And watch stars from under blankets And bring all our friends. And speaking of friends-- Why, we should have them over for dinner! Fresh, spring dinner from the new produce from the local markets Soups and quiches... Continue Reading →

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