Projectssssss and prayers

Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday. It's kind of a newer devotion, even for Catholics. Here's your background: in the 1920's, a nun from Poland (Sister Faustina) started receiving visions of Jesus who urged her to spread this particular message that Jesus wanted to pour mercy, mercy, mercy upon his people. (My favorite elements of the... Continue Reading →

Hope and other things

Saturday was my birfday. My mom (and dad) gave me a ring that I saw earlier in the year. I mentioned to my mother that I liked it, that I wanted to buy it, and she was like, “Or, you can just wait for it…” So, I did. And then it was mine, on Saturday.... Continue Reading →

On renewing my passport

I need to renew my passport, so I am, because I believe in traveling. I filled out the form and went to get my picture taken at an official place (an urban Walgreens which, upon cross-examination, didn’t carry the hair products I was looking for…mostly the aisle was full of products for thicker, textured hairs... Continue Reading →

Numbered thoughts

I have things I want to say, but not a lot of time to dedicate to them because, by golly, I'd love to pray prayers and wash my face and be in bed by a reasonable hour today. Because, checking all of those boxes may be something I'd love to do this week. Instead, talk... Continue Reading →

Easter-y things. <3

Father Pio called me. ❤ And he wished me, “…many, many, life-changing, heart-expanding Easter graces." Isn’t that lovely? And, so was Easter. Surprises and friends and prayer times. The best times. My favorite thing is the Easter Vigil. And it isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it is my favorite thing. Because I love listening to... Continue Reading →

Holy Week Things

So. It’s Holy Week. On Sunday I leaned Against the dark-stained pew, Eyes closed, Reciting the sacred story With the faithful. There was a gold-gilt cross in the sanctuary, My favorite Lenten hymn, And moms standing with cameras When I walked in, Photographing their children altar-servers. Holy Week is so many things, So many experiences.... Continue Reading →

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