Crinoline update

I owed you this on Monday. I know, I know. Here is where I was Friday morning: Here is where I was Friday evening: SUCCESS. Shout out to the generous and fun-loving Sugardale for the crinoline pattern. It was fun and full of helpful ideas and truly a work of love/ art. (Although, love, you... Continue Reading →

Friday! Friday!

Have ya missed my smiling face? I have news! It looked like a lot of people were reading my "About" page, so I decided to add another one. The second one is added to give more info about my life since (maybe?) in the past year my readership has expanded (beyond my mom). Read it.... Continue Reading →


For the record, I have taken no new pics for this post. Most o' these are from Josh's birthday party a few weeks back, now. Sorry. Hippy recipes and Flamenco class and crinoline making snacked on my time tonight. Things I'm doing right now Listening to Motown. Bouncing my leg. I started writing a different... Continue Reading →

Kathryn post!

Hello my loves. I've been friends with Kathryn for some time, even though neither of us can remember when we first met each other. And we often talk about this and try to remember. But we never can. The most vivid of memories was that I somehow felt like Kathryn should be involved in a... Continue Reading →


When Josh was four or five he wandered to the athletic fields which border our yard and he found a dad striping the fields in preparation for the upcoming athletic season, and the dad had his son with him as well. The son was four or five, like Josh. And they played together for a... Continue Reading →

Weekend excursion: in photos

Remember that I went away for the weekend? To Indiana? Here are some photos, kidlets! I was visiting my friend Lauren for the weekend. I met Lauren maybe in third grade? Fourth grade? We were definitely Pioneer Girls together at Lauren's church, Pathfinders workin' on our balancing badge, I think? If memory serves, we were... Continue Reading →

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