I have this thing where I just gotta SEE THE WORLD, you know?? So, a few weeks ago, I messaged my sister, now-living-in-Omaha, all, "Hey, do you ever take visitors?" and, wouldn't you know it, sometimes SHE DOES, and a plane ticket later and I was on my flight to Omaha. Came, saw, conquered. Favorite... Continue Reading →

5. The definition of charity

My sister's middle name is "Charity," which the dictionary says is about giving to others in need and the Catechism says is about loving others and God, but I think it might be about the time we were hiking in the frigid north and she (so unfortunately) got diarrhea in the middle of a twelve-mile... Continue Reading →

My Super Sister

When we were little, my father had a plastic milk crate of comic books, leftover from his childhood, which were stashed in a sliding cupboard in the dark, old paneling of the basement. Most of the comic books were about Spiderman and Batman and whoever-else-MAN, but, a few were about a dark-haired Amazon named Diana.... Continue Reading →

Pictured Rocks. The highlight reel

This girl gave me a booklet for Christmas that she made with all kinds of drawings of the adventures we have had. And it was titled, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" And inside were two tickets for a kayaking excursion in Michigan's Upper Peninsula's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. She knows me well. And... Continue Reading →

On my sister’s dreadlocks

Once, when we were little and playing dolls in the basement, my sister softened her voice to the quiet tone reserved for confessionals and told me that she had asked mom if she (my sister) could get her hair sectioned into the tiny braids that are then decorated in pony beads, like the hair of... Continue Reading →

Soooo, what’ve we been up to in here??

Why, helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little neglected corner of the internet! Want to know what's been hip-hop-happening for me? Well...SURE. I can fill you in. I can tell you about my life. Please, please, pull up a virtual-chair. -1- I'm planning a trip to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this fall. WOO HOOOOOO. Planning these things... Continue Reading →

Conversations with a real athlete

She's more athletic than I am. It doesn't bother me, though. I accept these facts. (Driving home in the car I learn she was actively recruited for her college women's rugby team...but turned down multiple invites. "I'm not into that.") (Her time was over a minute per mile better than my time. Winner winner, chicken... Continue Reading →

Things Christine said today

Ya'll remember my sister, Christine. She's pretty dang hilarious in her ultra-blunt way. While riding our bikes, and I was going a tad bit faster then she wanted: Christine: "Remind me again--is this some kind of a race? I thought not. Soooo, we can go slower, then." Observing the glorious beauty that is a summer... Continue Reading →

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