More Camino Prep!

Christine called me at work today, "I worked on packing all morning. My pack weighs 30 lbs." We aim for 10% of our body weight...which means Christine's goal weight for her pack is less than half of that. "What's in there??" I asked. But, you see, the weight adds quickly. A few shirts. Some shampoo.... Continue Reading →


Remember when I gave you a paper doll to color? You don't need to anymore. My mom made the best one. You can just download hers and play away! I'm just sad that I won't look this cute in real life. 🙂 I mean, LOOK at those colors!

More Camino

I was thinking about this yesterday: some time in the 1300's there was a brother somewhere in Europe who copied the Bible by hand. And I have no idea what his name was. He is a forgotten person...but he handed down THE BIBLE. And then, sometime later, a different man made another copy. And then... Continue Reading →

Baseball Time

My dad gets really excited around the first of January because he knows it will be a new year and one of his favorite things to do every year is to take our family, our extended family and select friends to the baseball game. And then he talks about it all the time until it's... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Monday

Yesterday was official "Father's Day" on the American calendar. Only, most of my family was out of town so we postponed to tonight to celebrate padre. I'm not about to wax poetic because it's not who we are, man. Side story: I volunteer at a youth group. Most of the kids I work with are... Continue Reading →

Friday thought-vomit

--- 1 --- If you didn't know what Spider Monkeys were and someone was like, "I'm thinking about getting a Spider Monkey for a pet"...does that not sound like the most terrifying animal? Spiders on their own are creepy, I think most of us can agree on that. We're conditioned to think that monkeys are... Continue Reading →

How we picked out the Kiwi

May marks one year that we have had our little guinea pig, Kiwi. We picked her out of the pet store one week after the wedding of my oldest brother, David. Things had finally wound down (a bit) from the wedding excitement. It was a Sunday. For some reason, only Paul, Josh and I went... Continue Reading →

June Crafting Challenge!

Remember how, in May, I made a bow tie and it was a lot harder than expected? And the same held true for April's craft? I decided that, for June, I was going to take things simply. Simply and beautifully. Lucky for me, June was dedicated to a young woman anyway (girls are way easier... Continue Reading →

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