The poetry of life

Once, when I was a child, I memorized (because of school) a poem about the ocean. I had never seen an ocean; I live several hundred miles inland on a giant continent. But, I learned a poem about the ocean: the way the spray flies through the air, the way the wind sings, the way... Continue Reading →

Ash Wednesday shenanigans

On Wednesday I sneezed myself awake with a singular sneeze. I've been sleeping on the basement couch these past few days, having picked up a bug from a family member. The sneeze was super nasty--the kind of sneeze you sneeze after you've been sick for a couple of days and, at night, your sinuses are... Continue Reading →

But, even if He does not…

Every day I've been praying my Christmas novena, repeating the words the fifteen times I'm supposed to. I pray it in the kitchen or in church or in bed, on my fingers or my rosary or my bracelet's beads, praying about the "hour and moment at which the Son of God was born," and that... Continue Reading →

Grandparents and faith

Last Sunday was Grandparent's day, which, let's be real, is probably a Hallmark holiday. But, I'm Catholic and it doesn't take much of an excuse to get me to celebrate, so that's just that. My father had a set of parents. His mother died when I was young, so young that memories of the news... Continue Reading →

Prodigal Father

What if every morning, in that moment when you’re first aware of yourself and life and breath once more, that very moment is the same moment when God’s heart leaps and He thinks to Himself, with arms outstretched, “Maybe this is the day! Maybe today will be the day she comes back! And I will... Continue Reading →

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