Her last name was “Happy”

Years ago, when I was in 4-H, there was a woman who would volunteer at the weekend events we would sometimes attend. We would attend maybe once or twice a year--doing our artsy thang in the love that is northern Michigan. This woman was a senior citizen; and she shared a first-name with my mother... Continue Reading →

Still going still sewing

I was rereading through some of my blog posts, and I came across the one that was like, "BRB sewing LOL." And I referenced this image: And this material: But, I was kind of a jerk and never showed the dress. BUT HERE IT IS, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE THINGS LIKE SEWING AND... Continue Reading →

Sewing Shenaniganz

Dude. I have a wedding this weekend. But, it's not my wedding. Although, the director of the department did call out to my open-office environment last Friday, "Hey, Nell, when's your wedding again?" All of the heads turned. Me: "Ummm, it's not my wedding. I'm just going to it. To dance and stuff." So, yeah,... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday | Dress

Things have been hipping and hopping and happening. Namely: all of our city and the neighboring cities have flooded and everyone has been hauling everything out of their basements and disposing of it on the curbsides. It's tough, dirty work. Hard, too, since a lot of things are memory-things, now water-damaged and moldy and taken... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I'm wearing a vintage dress I bought at a church rummage sale. The fabric is light and summer; it's covered in outdated-yellow polka dots that are speckled with an occasional teal. I think this dress is fantastic, even though it isn't a perfect fit. The light-weight material is PERFECT for the summer. The flow... Continue Reading →

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