Whyyyyyy are my sticky-posts not sticking to the top and all of those other, old posts sticking there instead, internet?!?!?!?! I can't figure this out because I'm one hundred years old and exhausted. Internet, fix thyself.

10 Childhood throwbacks

β€œIt is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear.” -Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts I was going to write a post with 50 things I'm grateful for, but that devolved into me talking about childhood memories. This is probably due to two things: (1) I went to a one year old's birthday party on... Continue Reading →

Franklin da pig

Every day I come home from work and this little weasel jumps on his platform and starts squealing at me. I like to think that he's telling me about his day and asking me about mine. So, I open his cage and pat his back and say, "Thank you, Franklin, for greeting me so nicely... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Can I just have a second to talk about grey? People say that black is the best color to wear, and they say it's the most versatile and the best and all that jazz. I beg to differ. Because you're not supposed to wear black with brown. Or blue. Or navy. (As if I follow... Continue Reading →


THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT TODAY IS THAT I (FINALLY) BOUGHT A MANDOLIN. I said to myself, "NELL. Look, I know it costs money to buy a new instrument. But, you get to decide what your life looks like. And do you want more music in it or not?" And I also said to myself (as... Continue Reading →

And the Good News is this…

I have a darling friend, Chester (name changed), who goes to my church. He's an older man, dark-skinned and missing teeth. If you didn't know any better, you might think that he was homeless. But, he's not homeless. He just walks with a bit of a shuffle, wears a scraggly beard, and sometimes smells like... Continue Reading →


This is kind of irrelevant/ kind of relevant to the story at hand, here, but, once when I was in middle school, since my dad is an engineer he signed me up for SCIENCE COMPETITIONS instead of ballet/ tap/ jazz like most normal, suburban girls. The thing about the science competition I was a part... Continue Reading →

2016 Resolutions

1. I want to use up most if not all of my gift cards. They hang heavy over my head otherwise. I don't use them because gifts make me uncomfortable. GET OVER YOURSELF, NELL. USE THEM. So, yeah...anyone want to go out to dinner? πŸ˜€ 2. Bird watch. At least once. Sign up for my... Continue Reading →

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