My Favorite Graffiti

Every time I see this bit of vandalized property, my heart smiles: It's along the road near my house...a road we frequently drive, walk, run, and bike. Someone painted it on one of those boxes used for monitoring light or electricity or who-knows-what. Here: It's not very big, you see. It's at the base of... Continue Reading →

What SHE Wore Wednesday

Sometimes, on Wednesdays, I'll find someone who is dressed cute...and I won't be able to prop my camera anywhere to take my selfies. And then I'm just like, "I MUST FEATURE THAT PERSON INSTEAD." Enter this girl. RETURN OF THE JULIA!! Here she is, folks. Rocking the same green skirt. 🙂 That's a fantastic example... Continue Reading →

So close to Spring!

I wore my spring jacket on Friday. At least, I thought I did. Since my sister and I are so close in age/ size/ awesome (ahem) we have matching coats, purchased the same year (Costco!). Hers has her NAME embroidered on the front so I'm not sure how I mixed this up, but I accidentally... Continue Reading →

I gave a talk on Tuesday

Last Tuesday I sat in a classroom with Colleen and presented to "baby Catholics": little young women who are going to be making their confirmations in a few days. We were supposed to be talking about the "Theology of the Body" but, again, they were merely baby Catholics so we kind of started by talking... Continue Reading →

Prepping for a Camino

Yesterday we had one of our first full-blown meetings to prepare for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage we'll be taking this summer. Our friend and Chaplain celebrated mass for us which is THE BEST. Nothing like focusing on the most important things. Then everyone chatted and got to know each other briefly. We'll all get... Continue Reading →

Josh is a gooberfish. Episode 5,000

I work relatively normal working hours. This is because I am an old woman with a degree and a steady job. The same cannot be said for the other members of my family, though. I have three siblings who live with me in the same house--all three still at various stages in their college careers.... Continue Reading →

Fun on a Friday

Yesterday evening I had dinner-and-lovely-conversation at this lady's house. And we were joined by Kathryn and groomsman Dave and Colleen's man-to-be, Mark. It was one of those nights were everyone is just friends, you know? And we ate wholesome, lovely, homemade food and shared about our lives and Hazel-the-cat showcased her skill of jumping high... Continue Reading →

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